Wearing White After Labor Day…What’s Behind the Myth?

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is already here! It marks the non-official end to summer, but that doesn’t mean we have to put away the barbecues, bathing suits and beach towels just yet. And we certainly don’t need to be afraid to wear some white – especially on our smiles!

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Benefits and Reasons for Orthodontic and Braces Treatment

The benefits of orthodontic and braces treatment often go beyond the obvious physical changes of an improved bite and straighter teeth; it’s also a great way to improve a person’s overall self-image.   But while having beautiful straight teeth is important, even more important is the need to alleviate any potential health problems associated with the teeth or jaw. 

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Keep a Close Eye on These 8 Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes progressive and permanent vision loss due to a buildup of fluid pressure in the eyeball. The disease presents itself in two common forms – primary open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. Unfortunately, both have their own unique and subtle set of symptoms of glaucoma, in which the unaffected eye offsets the vision loss in the affected eye.

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